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Battery Point

Battery Point

When you stay at Lenna of Hobart, you will find yourself located in one of the

most attractive, vibrant parts of Hobart. This historic Hobart hotel is ideally

located in one of Hobartʼs oldest and prettiest suburbs – Battery Point.

Located on the fringes of Hobartʼs city centre, Battery point is well known for

its culture, history, cute cottages and cafes.


When you stroll through the streets of Battery Point, you definitely get a sense

of stepping back in time. The streets are lined with historic buildings and have

a certain eccentric, cultural charm. The cafes, restaurants and pubs all have a

cosy, homely, welcoming feel to them.


Things to do in Battery Point


Visit St Georges Church. St Georges Church is a large, beautiful

sandstone church with a Georgian facade and unusual three-tiered

belltower. The impressive tower and porch were designed by a convict

architect – James Blackburn. The beautiful, historic church was built in the

1830ʼs, with the tower getting added in the 1840ʼs. Convict labour was

used to construct the church which is now a prominent landmark in Battery



Visit Narryna Heritage Museum. Narryna Heritage Museum is a beautiful

sandstone mansion built in 1837 by Captain Andrew Haig, only 30 years

after the British first settled in Tasmania. Its a treasure trove of colonial

domestic artefacts and was established as a heritage museum in 1955,

making it Australiaʼs oldest folk museum. A visit to Narryna is a great way

to come close to experiencing early colonial life in Hobart.


Walk the Battery Point Sculpture Trail. The Battery Point Sculpture Trail

is a 2km walk linking nine numerical sculptures that provide an introduction

to Hobartʼs fascinating history. The sculpture trail was developed by

Futago with artists Judith Abell and Chris Viney. Each sculpture represents

a weight, measure, time, quantity, date or distance linked to a story about

the place. The walking trail is full of culture and history and takes you past

some of the cities oldest surviving residences. You need about an hour to

complete the walk at a leisurely pace and is a great way to get some insight

into Hobartʼs rich history.


Lenna of Hobart is a well-known landmark in Battery Point. This beautiful,

elegant hotel built in 1874 is more than just a place to rest your head. If you

want to experience the culture and history of Battery Point, thereʼs no better

place to stay than this historical hotel. From your hotel room in Lenna, you can

enjoy a view of the Salamanca Markets or the stunning Hobart waterfront.

When you stay at this beautiful hotel, you really are in the heart of Hobartʼs

cultural precinct. Contact us at Lenna Of Hobart today to find out more.