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Freycinet Marine Farm

Once you step through the doors of Lenna of Hobart, a beautiful, heritage listed hotel, you will realise that this is a hotel like no other. Lenna of Hobart is a historical, restored mansion built in 1874. This hotel offers luxury penthouse apartments that boast uninterrupted views of Hobartʼs harbour and majestic mountains. For those that donʼt need all the extra space that a penthouse apartment provides, a hotel room is a good option. If you choose to stay at Lenna of Hobart, you will notice our attention to detail in all of our rooms and suites and penthouse apartments. The heritage hotel is located on the doorstep of Salamanca Place and Battery Point, placing it close to world-class restaurants, cafes and markets.

It’s true that guests at Lenna of Hobart will never have any trouble finding quality seafood on the Hobart waterfront. The heritage hotel is located on the doorstep of Salamanca Place and Battery Point, placing it close to world-class restaurants, cafes and markets. For the dedicated foodie, however, or those who want to know more about where their seafood comes from, a trip to Freycinet Marine Farm on the east coast is a must.

From Ocean to Plate

The seafood at Freycinet Marine Farm is the freshest you will ever taste. Not only will you get to experience what oysters taste like directly from the ocean, you can also learn about processing, grading and harvesting.

The farm consists of 6 growing regions spread out over almost 150 acres. It is a mixture of marine growing areas and estuarine. There are no other industries in the area, meaning the water is unpolluted. Unlike many other oyster farms in less pristine regions, there’s no need to depurate or scrub the produce before its sold.

Mussels, oysters, rocklobster, abalone and scallops are harvested daily at the farm. The producers claim the unspoiled waters of the east coast of Tasmania can be tasted in every oyster.

You can sample the seafood from Great Oyster Bay in the tasting room, on the deck, or order to take away.

If you want to find out more about the ecology of the marine park, tours are available which include an introduction to the industry, a demonstration of oyster shucking and samples of freshly steam mussels and shucked oysters. The tours take around 45-50 minutes and bookings are essential.

Freycinet National Park

Of course, there’s more to the Freycinet National Park than seafood. This breathtakingly beautiful park covers most of the peninsula. Its sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters and granite mountains are worth visiting for themselves. The peninsula is a wonderful place to go bird watching, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.

There are also a range of shorts walks to suit all abilities. You can hike to the platform overlooking Wineglass Bay and see how it got its name, or take a stroll on the beach. Winding paths lead to secluded lagoons and serene bays. There’s a half-day hike which will follows a track from the Wineglass Bay lookout down to the beach and back through to the park entrance, offering amazing views of Oyster Bay and the seaside village of Swansea.

Located two and a half hours from Hobart, Freycinet Marine Park is a good option for guests at Lenna of Hobart who want to take a day trip away from the city. While its tempting to linger around the Hobart Waterfront and enjoy the many pleasures found in places like Battery Point and Salamanca Place, there are many things to see and do within driving distance from the heritage hotel. Imagine eating world-class oysters and mussels as you enjoy the tranquility of this amazing part of the world. It’s a perfect way to experience the best Tasmania has to offer.

If you want to stay in a unique hotel that offers comfort, luxury and the convenience of a central location then contact us at Lenna of Hobart.

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