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Hastings Caves

Lenna of Hobart is located right on the doorstep of Salamanca Place and Battery Point. This convenient and enchanting city hotel accommodation gives guests easy access to world-class cafes, restaurants, galleries and shops. With accommodation to suit everyone, Lenna of Hobart offers luxurious Penthouse Apartments to Family Suites or modern Hotel Rooms.   This heritage listed hotel is unique and beautiful and as a result, many of our guests don’t want to leave their luxurious penthouse apartment or hotel room.

When you stay at a centrally-located city heritage hotel it’s easy to linger in the local area, but if you can drag yourself away from the Hobart waterfront and its delights, there are many great things to experience within a couple of hours drive. One of these places is the Hastings Caves State Reserve, located just 90 minutes from Hobart.

Thermal Springs

At the Hastings Caves State Reserve, you gain a sense of tranquility in the thermal springs pool where the water is always a temperate 28 degrees.

After taking a dip in the pool, a short walking trail will lead you through a beautiful forested area. Another slightly longer track, called the Hot Springs Track, will take you to a spot where you can dip your hand and feel spring-fed waters from one creek mingling with the chillier waters of another creek.

There are picnic tables and electric barbecues provided near the Hastings Pool, along with a shelter hut and open fireplaces with wood.

Newdegate Cave

 The other great attraction of Hastings Caves State Reserve is Newdegate Cave, which is one of the rare caves in Australia made from dolomite instead of limestone. The cave’s chambers began to form over 40 million years ago, and its walls are decorated with stalagmites and stalactites.

Guided tours of the cave area available at various times through the day. The tours are conducted by Parks and Wildlife staff who will explain the fascinating history of the cave, and point out its unique flora, fauna and other features. The area known as Titania’s Place is one of the most amazing and breathtaking sights in any cave system in Australia. Tickets for tours are purchased from the Visitors Centre which is located about 5 kilometres from the cave. Tours take around 45 minutes.

Many strange and fascinating creatures have made their home in Newdegate Cave. In fact, over forty species have been found living in the cave, including some which are yet to be classified. Many of these creatures have adapted so well to life in the dark that they can no longer survive above ground. They have lost pigment in their skin and have no functioning eyes. To compensate for their lack of vision many have a long antenna. Because these creatures cannot venture outside to move to another area, each cave system has its own unique species that can’t be found anywhere else.

A trip to Hastings Caves State reserve is a perfect way to spend the day when you’re a guest at heritage hotel Lenna of Hobart. After enjoying the thermal pool and a tour of the cave you can return to your hotel accommodation for a quick freshen up before setting out for dinner or a night cap on the Hobart Waterfront, possibly at Salamanca Place or Battery Point.

You can finish up your night taking in the lovely city views from your penthouse apartment or hotel room.  If you are looking for accommodation in Hobart that is not just somewhere to lay your head, but an experience, contact us at Lenna Of Hobart ph 1800 030 633

Photo credit: Thermal Springs Pool

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